Monday, June 29, 2015

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Our next group meeting is on

Saturday July 4th 12-3 and
Friday July 10th 12-3 PM & 6-9 PM

Please bring some photos to art journal this month.  I will have some paints for us to play with! 

June Theme
Travel Journaling

June 27

Art Challenge: Photos and Words
Journal Prompt:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here is how Sandi Keene took on the challenge. Link to her blog
Long ago I worked for a company that created Mosaic Moments. When I read this prompt, I immediately thought of a mosaic as it is such an interesting way to present a photo. I contacted the owner, Tami Potter and she sent me out some mosaic paper. (Thanks, Tami!)
I printed a vacation photo (5" x 5" but any size works) I loved of my husband in a swing on the porch reading a book and pausing regularly to look at the stunning mountain views. In delightfully cool temperatures. With hummingbirds buzzing around the feeder on the porch.  Can you say PERFECT?!
I cut the photo into one inch squares using the mat, exacto and ruler. It takes less than a minute. The system is designed for easy success.
Now I transfer the squares onto the gridded paper that lines everything up.
Hello, mosaic!
I had an idea of exactly how this was to look when I was done. Now came the hard part of transferring that idea onto paper. Incorporating the mosaic into art was always my plan. I sketched out a basic plan for where the elements were to be. And then I started painting.
Adding random squares from another photo printed to blend into the background was a touch of whimsy. I decided that it was not enough whimsy so out came my doodle pens in medium and fine. And then white
A picture is worth a thousand words!
Want more info on how to create a mosaic? This short video shows the process step by step.
You can join our group meetings at any time, but you do need to call us to get your name on the list.
 I want to be sure we have room for everyone.  

 When you come to the group meetings, please bring your paper towels, heat guns, paint brushes, adhesives and color mediums of choice. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Dina Wakley Media Mixing Chart Available!

New Dina Wakley Media Mixing Chart Available!

New colors of Dina Wakley Media paints are as far away as your craft sheet!  Follow this new mixing chart to create new colors of Dina’s signature paints!  By simply mixing two colors of existing colors you can expand your color palette with all new colors!Dina Wakley Media Paint Mixing Chart | www.rangerink.comDina Wakley Media Paint Mixing Chart |

Find the full size printable version of this mixing chart on our product organization page-  Dina Wakley Media color and mixing charts.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Paints and your Journaling Bible


Hi there! Thank you so much for all of your kinda comments and excitement over the last resource post; what’s the difference Wednesday | inks. As I stated before one of the questions I get the most on social media about my bible is WHAT am I using and HOW am I doing it. Whenever I post a photo where I have used paint I get a ton of questions, so I knew this had to be one of the topics we covered in this series!
I am showing you how I use my paints, which paints I use in my bible and most importantly the backside of those thin pages after I use it! If you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments!
I will be linking you up to products where possible, and these links will be affiliate links on Amazon. This means I get a small percentage of each sale and we use that money to keep tutorials like this fresh and useful! Thank you so much for your support!!!
I use a lot of different watercolors in my bible but one of my favorites is the peerless watercolor papers. What I love about these is you don’t have to use a ton of water and the color is so pigmented! In the example above I wanted to show you how if you use a lot of water (at the top) there is going to be a lot more bleed through. If you are lighter on the water (middle) and just focus on picking up the pigment off the paper you are going to have much better luck! These colors are BRILLIANT and so much fun to play with!
Studio Calico color theory paints are very fun and come in great colors! What I do like about them is that they are thin enough that you can still see the words if you decide to cover up the text at all. They really don’t bleed at all, the only down side is they are a very “wet” paint so they do wrinkle the page a bit more, but that will flatten out as the book is closed and flattens out that paper.
Craft paints are some of my favorite because of all the brilliant colors they come in! Today I am usingMartha Stewart paints and I got a little carried away but I am okay with that, the neon pink on top of all the pages is just fun! I like to apply these with just an old gift card, dragging it across the page. This will create a nice thin layer perfect for your pages!
As I mentioned before I love watercolors and watercolors in a tube are even MORE fun! For my example I am using the Van Gogh paint which comes in this adorable little tube. You are going to want to think more about the pigment and less about the water here, and for this example I applied the paint directly to the page and then added a tiny bit of water later to just bring the pigment down the page. This one did bleed a tiny bit, but again this is up to your personal style and how much water you use.
Up next is my favorite paint!! I love this liquitex heavy body paint. Since this is a “heavy body” paint it has a lot less water in the paint and all the pigment just sits on top of the page instead of soaking in. For my example here I just applied a bit of the yellow oxide with bits of the light portrait pink mixed in. I love how these colors don’t get muddy when you use them together!! I can’t wait to pick up more of these fun colors!!
Apparently I love anything that comes in fun bright colors because when I passed these in the art supply store they just jumped into my cart! These are called galleria acrylics by Winsor & Newton (Opera Roseand Cadmium Yellow)  They are very smooth paint and the colors just pop off your page! For my example I used with a mask and just had fun bringing that color across the page.
You already know my love of the neocolors but let’s just mention them again! I wanted to show you in my first example what can happen if you add too much color (you can see in the second photo on the left) it just gets crazy! But if you are more reserved with your water you will have much more success! The colors on the off white pages are just amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love these and can’t wait to use them more!
Last and certainly not least is MIST!!! I am slightly addicted and you would be hard pressed to find a page where I didn’t add a touch of mist to it! For this example I wanted a full page of mist and used anampersand mask with mister huey. You can see that it can get the page a little wet but if you only spray once or twice it won’t soak through. I am so sorry I don’t have a backside photo here, I just got to excited I suppose!!
I hope this answers some of your questions on what types of paints to use! Have fun and get creative!!!
xox -Shanna

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Textured Paper :: I'm So Not Feeling It!

May Theme

Touchy Feely (Texture)
May 30
Art Challenge: Textured Paper
Journal Prompt: I'm So Not Feeling It!

Our next group meeting is on 
Friday June 12th  12-3 PM & 6-9 PM

You can join our group meetings at any time, but you do need to call us to get your name on the list.
 I want to be sure we have room for everyone.  

 When you come to the group meetings, please bring your paper towels, heat guns, paint brushes, adhesives and color mediums of choice. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our next group meeting is on Friday May 22nd 12-3 PM & 6-9 PM

Our next group meeting is on 
Friday May 22nd 12-3 PM & 6-9 PM

I will have some fabric and modeling paste for us to play with! 

May Theme
Touchy Feely (Texture)

May 2
Art Challenge: Fabric
Journal Prompt: The Fabric of Your Life

May 9
Art Challenge: Stitching
Journal Prompt: "All that I'm after is life full of laughter."

May 16
Art Challenge:  Modeling Paste*
Journal Prompt:  Rising to the Occasion
*Other items can be substituted for modeling paste such as drywall spackle or make your own--just search "homemade texture paste medium" online to find recipes using inexpensive and easy to find ingredients.

You can join our group meetings at any time, but you do need to call us to get your name on the list.
 I want to be sure we have room for everyone.  

 When you come to the group meetings, please bring your paper towels, heat guns, paint brushes, adhesives and color mediums of choice. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Documented Life Project - April 25

Our next group meeting is on 

Friday May 1st 6-9 PM 

Friday May 8th 12-3 PM

 This week we will be using Dyan's tutorial using her sprays and paints.

April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints)
April 25
Art Challenge:  Inks
Journal Prompt:  Before the Ink is Dry

We will be trying this during our next meetings.

This week our featured artist is: Dyan Reaveley!

Guest artist on the Documented Life Project

I love the girls at art to the 5th and was really stoked when they chose my Dylusions journal as their chosen book to work in this year. And I was only too happy to do a spot as guest artist.

Of course me being me, forgot it would be right in the middle of a tour, so here I am last minute trying to upload and blog the project.

I imagine the poor girlies are having kittens as to wether I will make the deadline or not. at this time they will all be tucked up in their beds so this will be a nice surprise for them when they wake lol.

The theme for April is exploring inks and paints!!! What better subject could there be for me ?

The prompt for this challenge is "before the ink is dry"


Heres a quick run-through of what I came up with

Start by spritzing your journal page with water

Unscrew the lid of the Dylusion inks and using the straw as a pen, draw circles onto the wet page.

Spritz water directly onto the ink causing it to wick out.

Add more circles in different colours, each time spritzing from above. I used three, Tangerine Dream, Bubblegum Pink and Cherry Pie.

When you have finished adding colours blot up the excess with another journal page.

Place a large stencil onto the page and spritz over with water. This reactivates the ink.

Remove the stencil and blot with kitchen roll to remove the reactivated ink.

Take the coordinating colours of Dylusions paint and apply through stencils with a mini blending tool.

Take a Dylusions silhouette stencil and place the mask part onto the page. Apply black paint over and around the mask.

Take the large heart mask and repeat the process, continue until the page is covered.

Outline all the shapes with a black and then a white pen.

Add a frame around the edges using the Dylusions journal block.

Place a large stencil over the page and outline with the white pen

Doodle in some of the shapes

Use the journal block to create lines in the heart shapes and write in a quote.

Voila !!

To see what the girls did with this challenge go to their blog HERE.