Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Customer Craft Spaces

We had some more customers show us their crafting spaces.

Karen Steiner Dolbow says "This is just part of my room..."

Christine Rebbert shows us her messy desk and environs... (her words not mine.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Patricia Martin's craft area.

Patricia Martin was nice enough to share some photos of her craft space on our Facebook page.  She said, " Here are a few more pics of my messy desk area. At least,  I made 3 little wood halloween girls from the mess!!"

I just make stuff for fun then I get bored and move on.

Tracy's Scrap Desk and New Storage

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tracy and I am addicted to scrapbook supplies.  My hoarding started way back in 1996.  It was actually Kirstin's fault for being born and taking such cute baby photos. Kids!  My love of pictures led to this point.  Along the way, I added a desk, then a file cabinet, another desk, another file cabinet, cube shelving for albums and lots of bags (I am the original Bag Lady. Gina P is a close second.) 

 Recently, I added a smaller work desk which I actually keep relatively clean and a new storage cabinet.  When I am working on a project, I just rotate the supplies I am using.  Cards, bring out the Copics. Mini Albums, paper and rolls of pop dots.

Same desk, last week finishing up the Christmas SNAP book.

I have lots of bags that I use to carry projects back and forth to the store.

Here is my new storage cabinet.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gina Painter is Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Hi Everyone

Let the messiest desk contest begin! I challenge my fellow crafters to "share" their work space and see who gets the most likes! Maybe Tracy Beck will give the winner a trophy from photo scraps to sit proudly on the winners desk! Good luck!

Can you find the desk in these pictures?

I will give you a hint, it's hidden under a couple pieces of paper and some other scrapbook supplies!

Disclaimer: no desk was cleaned in the taking of these pictures, only one pile of paper was moved so the desk surface would be visible!

Lisa C wanted to know if anyone actually thought Gina cleaned up first.   It looks pretty organized to me but my office is much worse.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tina took on Gina's challenge for the Messiest desk

Hi everyone,

This is where the magic happens... My "craft" room, also doubles as an office. When I sit at my work table directly behind me is my desk. Now a couple of important disclaimers... Please ignore the really ugly (but really cheap) table cloth protecting the table... And second of all rest assured, it almost never looks like this! I have also included a picture for you to view the chaos in which I create!

The second picture shows how my work space looks at this very moment! It shrinks down to a 10"x15" space so that when I use my paper trimmer I have to stand up and put it on my chair!

I am prepping for classes as well as a craft show! So here it is: I am rising to Gina P.'s challenge to not be afraid to post our messy craft room! Please like this post! (Not that it's a contest...)

Oh and for all of you who think you have too much... This is only a glimpse.., but I have include a picture of my punch shelf... Later maybe the dies and stamps... I say there is no such thing as too much! Especially when Photo Scraps keeps luring me in with cute new items I can't live without!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October's Demo Day cards

Join us Saturday October 19th from 11-4pm for Demo Day!  I will have 2 offerings at my table:  a quick and cute Halloween card (my favorite holiday to create for) and a lovely sunflower card (good for lots of occasions).  The sunflower stamp set is from MFT and I am just loving it!!  I see lots of possibilities for it, from a standard sunflower to a variety of colors for Gerber daisies.

As always, I will have a bunch of sentiments on hand in case you want to stamp something different from what I have done.

On a side note, there are still just a few spots left in my Autumn Cards class.  Call and reserve your space soon before it's gone!

I'm looking forward to creating with you,