Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tina took on Gina's challenge for the Messiest desk

Hi everyone,

This is where the magic happens... My "craft" room, also doubles as an office. When I sit at my work table directly behind me is my desk. Now a couple of important disclaimers... Please ignore the really ugly (but really cheap) table cloth protecting the table... And second of all rest assured, it almost never looks like this! I have also included a picture for you to view the chaos in which I create!

The second picture shows how my work space looks at this very moment! It shrinks down to a 10"x15" space so that when I use my paper trimmer I have to stand up and put it on my chair!

I am prepping for classes as well as a craft show! So here it is: I am rising to Gina P.'s challenge to not be afraid to post our messy craft room! Please like this post! (Not that it's a contest...)

Oh and for all of you who think you have too much... This is only a glimpse.., but I have include a picture of my punch shelf... Later maybe the dies and stamps... I say there is no such thing as too much! Especially when Photo Scraps keeps luring me in with cute new items I can't live without!

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