Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Word of the Year Canvases

Hi Everyone,

Have you embraced you word of the year? Our church has embraced the idea that picking a word of the year as inspiration to guide you thru the year is easier that trying to keep New Years resolutions.  I got together with my bible study group the other night to make canvases of our words.

Here is what Jimmy Page had to say about the word of the year.  The start of each new year gives us the opportunity to both look back and look ahead. We all want our life to count. When you discover and live out the One Word that is meant for you this year, you’ll find renewed mission and meaning. Throughout history, ordinary men and women who have lived with passion, purpose, and courage have left enduring legacies and have changed the world. So let’s discover the transformational power of One Word to create clarity, power, and a legacy that lasts.

To Listen to his sermon, Click Here.

Susan created a canvas for herself and two small ones for friends.

Deanne had fun with color and even used the modeling cream.
Dana combined stamping along with her sprays. 
Diane combined some great colors, left some white space and got an accidental heart.

Karen (an art teacher) layered lots of colors with stamps and got a great dripping effect.
Here is Kirstin with Carol our fearless leader.  

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