Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awesome new tool - I'm in love!

Anyone who knows me knows that my absolute favorite embellishment is ribbon.  And anyone that has ever taken any of my classes knows that I always seal the ends of my ribbon with a lighter so that the ribbon does not fray.  Imaginisce, creators of adorable paper lines and terrific tools, has come out with a new tool that is a must for anyone that likes ribbon and hates the ends fraying.  It is called the Imagicut and I am in love with it.  This little tool cuts and seals the ends of your ribbon at the same time!  It is small, light weight, battery operated, and works like a dream.  Imaginisce says it cuts and seals all kinds of ribbon up to 3" wide and can cut straight, on a diagonal, and like a chevron.  I brought mine home just this past weekend and have been happily playing with it for days while trying to keep my 8 year old away from it (he thinks it is cool too).  I will be bringing it along to my upcoming classes so that you can try it also.

This is just a little enabling from me to you.  I always like to share tools and products that I love.  I am not a paid sponsor for any company (heck, Imaginisce does not even know who I am); I'm just a stamper and a card maker who loves good product.

Want one of your own?  We're happy to order it for you!



  1. Cindy: What's the cost of this neat little must have tool?

  2. Lorie, it is $25. I think that we will have to get one for the store to demo for everyone.