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So, I was on the road all weekend…and I had this amazing idea for a SEA inspired illustration that I was itchy twitchy to create. Before, we left, I was diligent. I packed up my sketchbook and my peerless…
Inspiration struck and I was ready to draw… and
NO Waterbrush. NO paintbrush. Wha? I grabbed the wrong zipper bag of supplies. WHA?
BLURF… motivation gone. 
The next day on the beach I saw this guy with THIS shirt. I chased him down to snap a shot (no fear :) ). He was really cool about it. What a cool SHIRT. And, If MOJO is like a MUSE… I want to meet HER.
20130610-074252.jpgOn the way home, I flipped through my sketchbook, a little burned by the fact I forgot the supplies I needed to execute my idea. Then, I pinged off on IDEAS in general. I came across this and immediately thought of these words.
And… Its was OK! I moved on. This painting was going somewhere when I left it. So, I got a chance to revisit it and just think. Instead of DO… Just think.
Then, I fell asleep. HA! In the car. Sitting straight up. I guess I’m a better DO’er.HA!
That’s how MOJO works, eh?
Happy Monday. Hope it’s filled with MOJO!