Friday, April 16, 2010

My girl is a Free Spirit!

When I saw these papers, I screamed (inside,where it counts!) because I had the perfect photos in mind. Sometimes a product line is made for particular pics and I had a bunch of photos from a church retreat that my daughter attended. The tye-dye shirts were a perfect fit for the happy, hippy colors and the whole "friend" theme worked perfect also! I am so pleased with how this layout turned out. Notice in the top left corner how I have made a pull-out journaling tag again. I love to do this and find myself tucking my journaling behind a photo more often than not. It is really easy to do: just use a craft knife and mat to cut a slit (about an inch longer than the block) and make sure to hide the slit behind the photo. Use a ribbon stapled onto the top or a button as a "stopper" so the block doesn't slide back behind the photo. Try it, it's a great way to get more on your page and adds interest also because of the interactive element. See you at the store soon.....Lisa H.


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