Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bunny album

Ok enough already! I am done with the snow! I have never seen so much. How am I ever gonna get to Photo Scraps?? I am out of tape!! I havent bought any new paper in a week! I am going through withdraw! I wonder if I could just sleep there?? I'll open the store! :) A scrappin slumber party!
Anyways... all kiddin aside! How about something really springy! I have whipped up the cute little album for a class and I can post it here cause I am using the same papers we are using for the design team this month! I am not sure on an exact date for the class but I'm sure we will keep you posted!
This class you would need a strong glue for! You dont want the album to fall apart would you? I prefer Fabric Tac. You can get that at photo scraps. (hint hint... you'll love it) Oh and you will get a pattern for these cute little bunnies so you can make them again! If you have taken any of my classes you know theres little or no cutting for you! Come and join me on this Easter album!

Heres a few sneak peeks for you...

I'll see you all at Demo Days!
Enjoy the snow!

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