Saturday, November 16, 2013

CAUTION: Enter at your own risk!!

Want to see where the magic happens in my home?  I have a purple-licious room on the lower level of our townhouse which I share with our home office.  But truth be told, the home office space has been taken over by my stamping stuff.  Can anyone else sympathize with that?

This first photo is what smacks you in the face when you open the door...this mess encompasses new toys and leftovers from classes and Demo Days that I have not put away yet.

Here is a bigger shot of the closet in that area and the mess coming out of it...

More embarrassing than the mess is the 2nd source of light in my room.  I got this bad boy at Home Depot for less than $25.  It is a halogen meant for a construction area and gives me lots of extra light.  I never create without having this light on.

This is a view of my horribly messy desk.  I shot this picture from the side that I sit on when I create.  I am always looking at the mess flowing out of my closet.  I am busy making Christmas and holiday cards for the Liberty High School craft show.  Tina is gracious enough to let me put cards for sale on her table since I will be out of town.

Here is a shot of what my desk looks like when you open the door.  Yes, there is another closet behind my desk filled with stamping supplies.  And I have to admit that it is a double closet!

This bookcase sits to my right and holds some of my most frequently used items:  dies, embossing folders, tape gun, Copics, etc.

One of my most beloved purchases ever are my ink pad holders from a company called Wisconsin Stamping Supplies.  I have had them for more than a decade and just love them.  I keep my most frequently used ink pads in the one on my desk, and my lesser used ink pads on the one on top of the bookcase.

This room is supposed to be my animal-free zone.  We have a very furry household since we have a dog and 4 cats.  And after the Cat and Glue Dot Disaster of 2009 I declared that no animals would be allowed in my creative space EVER AGAIN.  But I am a sucker for my dog Sawyer, and sometimes I let him in.  Shhhh...don't tell my cats!

I can't believe I have just shared my mess!  If and when I ever get it cleaned up I will take some more shots and post them.  I hope you've enjoyed the peek into my mess, um , I mean my room.

Your turn...Share your space with us!


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