Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lisa C (Flat Lisa)'s Scrapbook Room

Lisa C (Flat Lisa)'s Scrapbook Room 

This is my work area in my office where I can overlook my pool. Ikea shelves hold most of my stuff. Plus I hide many totes of papers my theme under the desk (ssh! My hubby doesn't know!)

More storage in the corner and a tv on the wall.
My first scrap space was a built in closet next to our bar (just a coincidence!) in the basement. Now I prefer to be upstairs in the hub of the house.

This space is now just a dumping ground and holds overflow. My favorite part is the floor to ceiling paper trays that the builder made to my specifications.

I also have slat wall that I got when Second Floor Scrapbook store moved to the Princesss Shopping Center.

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