Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gina Adolph's Gratitude Journal

This month I'll be creating a gratitude album with a photo a day representing some of the blessings of my life. I'll share them here with you (in no particular order!) and hope you'll be inspired to record your own thankful thoughts. And if you want to learn how to capture the stories of your life in a scrapbook join me for a Journal 101 class soon! -Gina A

Nov. 1st...I'm thankful for the little, unique, funny, silly things that have become our special family traditions. This is a page from a book I made a while ago to share the stories of those rituals. On the first of every month we greet each other saying "Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!" to bring good luck for the month ahead. Do any of you do this or have another unique family tradition you can share? Post it here!

November 2nd...I am thankful for the beautiful colors of autumn, my favorite season! (If only it didn't lead to winter...sigh....)

Nov. 3rd...I am thankful for the chance to celebrate a happy milestone with dear friends...congratulations on your engagement, Julie and Kennedy!

Nov. 4th...I am thankful to have Photo Scraps in my community, a great independent scrapbook and rubber stamp store, that caters to my creative obsession! I'm also blessed to work here every Monday to help our fanatstic customers Stop by to see me tonight! -Gina A.

Nov. 5...I am thankful for my wonderful Goddaughter, Jenny. We celebrated her 35th birthday tonight. She is a beautiful and amazing young woman who has faced a difficult year as caregiver & advocate for her mom (who was diagnosed with a rare & devastating brain infection). I am inspired every day by Jenny's spirit, grace, and devotion — with Gina Brown Adolph.

Nov. 6...I am thankful for the opportunity I've had to meet and become friends with so many incredible survivors, caregivers, volunteers & staff through my work with the American Cancer Society. Their friendship, whether we see each other often or only once a year, enriches my life. The work they do for ACS brings us closer to a cancer-free world and their dedication to the cause inspires me daily. There are too many to mention them all but today I'm thinking of my friend Barb in particular. She has faced rough seas but keeps on swimming. I am humbled by her courage, faith, & humor and I'm proud to have her as a friend. Keep fighting, girl♥
-Gina A

Nov. 7...I am thankful I have an interesting & successful career as a Real Estate agent which allows me to work with my husband, (sometimes work in my pj's in my home office!), and meet & assist many people with buying & selling houses. It is very rewarding to be able to help people at a time that can be stressful and I love being able to share their ultimate joy when they get their new home. I'm proud & happy to say that many of our clients become our friends but even if we don't socialize with them after our work is done, I'm always grateful to have had the chance to meet so many great people. Two folks who started as clients & became friends settled this week & sent me these beautiful flowers to say thanks for my help. Made my day...thank YOU, Bill & Marcy!!! -Gina A.

Nov. 8...I am thankful for First-World problems. You know what I mean? Those annoying little things in everyday life here in middle-class America that most people in the world would be grateful to have. For example, a few weeks ago the battery in my car remote died...and I HAD TO ACTUALLY INSERT THE KEY IN MY DOOR TO OPEN IT!! Can you imagine the horror?!?!? Seriously, I felt so annoyed until I took a moment to think about all the people who couldn't begin to imagine a problem like that...I remembered that again today and took a moment to thank God in appreciation of all my "First-World" problems. I know many people have posted their first-world problems before, but please take a moment to comment here and tell me yours. I'll be printing this page and including it in my Blessings book. Can't wait to read your thoughts! -Gina A.

ov. 9...I am thankful for my sister-in-law and friend, Brent. We can talk non-stop or sit together in comfortable silence. We both love scrapbooking and reading. We laugh all the time and dry each others tears when life gets tough. We work well together caring for her elderly parents (and that's no small thing!) And...did I mention she saved my husband's life (her brother) by donating a kidney 6 years ago today?!?! Even I, the self-proclaimed queen of journaling and all around talk-aholic find it difficult to find the words to express how much that means. "Thank you" doesn't seem enough and yet sometimes those are the most powerful words we have.

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