Monday, January 5, 2015

Documented Life Group January 9th 12-3 PM

Hi Ladies,

One of our regular customers, Pat (I am talking about you), suggested that I check into Documented Life Project.  I love that they have weekly challenges and you would be compiling it in a mixed media journal (which of course, we carry).  Everyone that wants to participate will be required to register at their site.   The Documented Life Project is Free.    

Starting on January 9th, we will be hosting a Documented Life Project Group at noon and another meeting at 6:00 PM.   I figure meetings will run 2-3 hours because we will be playing with the challenges.   The first meeting, we will be getting to know each other and taking on the first challenge.    You do need to sign up in advance for the meetings so we can be sure to have enough space for everyone.  

We will not be charging a fee for the meetings unless we will be providing products to use for a challenge like paint or inks.   If we turn the meetings into a Friday night crop til midnight, we will be charging a crop fee.  

Let's get messy and document our lives this year! - Tracy

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The Original Documented Life Project:

 The Journal - January 1

Hello and welcome to The Original Documented Life Project™  The Journal!  We are excited to kick off the beginning of the year!
First, we want to share a little bit about how this will work. Each month we will have a "theme" and each week we will issue an art related challenge as well as a fun and creative journal prompt.  Feel free to interpret both however you wish.  The A5 artists will rotate throughout the year, bringing you creative and inspirational ideas with each month.  Each week on Saturday we will post the new week's details here on our blog.  Be sure to join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for "The Original" Documented Life Project™!  Details will also be posted in the DLP classroom. We will not be posting to Facebook so be sure to join us on The Academy.
Ready? Let's get started!!

January Theme

The Blank Page and How to Face It!

January 1

Art Challenge: Book Paper
Journal Prompt: Be Your Own Goal Keeper

Welcome to our bold new adventure! You have amazed us with your art and courage which has inspired us to celebrate the artist within each of us with more art and more techniques. Documenting our lives this year will mean telling our stories through art and words.

We are so excited to share our vision of storytelling through color, texture and technique. Working our way through 52 prompts, we will build our confidence and fill our tool chest with elements that we will reach for over and over again.

To add to the excitement, we have gathered an amazing line up of superstars including Dyan Reaveley, Dina Wakley, Gina Lee Kim and Stephanie Ackerman to inspire us with their documenting art styles. The project is FREE and perfect for both the beginner and experienced art journaler.

Join us as we begin a transformative year filling the blank page before us...
the rest is still unwritten.

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