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The Original Documented Life Project: The Journal - January 10

The Original Documented Life Project: The Journal - January 10

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!

January 10
Art Challenge: Gesso
Journal Prompt: “The beginning is always today.” -Mary Shelley

I was on their Facebook page and saw so many good ideas for using Gesso.  I copied and pasted the ideas below.  Happy Creating!


*Try using it through a stencil to create dimension.

* lay down a light layer and before it dries, put down a piece of newspaper. Rub with a bone folder and pull up. some of the ink will transfer. 

* I also water it down and apply it over a painted background to either dull down or bring up parts...depends on your perspective

*Use it through a stencil. Mix it with gelatos, ink or paint. Spread it on with a credit card.

* Use with stamps. But make sure you clean stamp right after using it. Plus a little trickier than stencils. 

* You can also add paint to it for colors. ..

*Mod7: Lorraine's blog this week has a great idea for using gesso as a veil of white on top of colors!
I use a drop of paint to 'tint' my gesso.

* One thing I sometimes do is doodle or draw with a neocolor II or watercolour pencil then blend with watered down gesso. I also mix it with cheap craft acrylics to make them a bit more opaque.

* Use With a stencil or dip the end of a TP or paper towel tube in it and add circles to your page.
* you can make your own gesso with water, white glue, baby powder and white paint. There are a number of tutorials on how to do this on you tube.
* I saw a youtube video where gesso was used with water colour pencils instead of water, gave a really nice soft finished look, its on my to try list for this week.

* I love to activate watercolor pencils and water soluble oil pastels with gesso. Portfolio brand oil pastels are inexpensive and blend great with gesso and acrylics. (I ordered some of these to try)

* Made my own gesso with plaster of paris, liquid white acrylic paint and white school very well and makes alot for a little!

*I love that the Dylusions sprays react to gesso. So what I do I use either supper heavy gesso or regular white gesso thru a stencil, let it dry and spray the Dylusions. It looks really lovely.

* I love dropping my Liquitex ink into gesso for an added color...I've even used food coloring once! Also use it with my stabilo pencils as the wet medium to move the pencil lines.

* while it is wet create texture with it, write words into it-

* Another way to use gesso is in debossing, something I used foDLPr a prompt from last year. For further isntructions and pcitures, check out my site

* prep your page with gesso. Color the page with your watercolor pencils and any water soluble product. Make circles and shapes and have fun. Then rub gesso with your fingers enhancing the shapes. Also try adding water on your fingers with the gesso.

yes I do let it dry. It looks like this,
* dont know if its been mentioned but gesso resist is a favourite technique - gesso through a stencil then spray inks all over. allow to dry then buff with tissue/baby wipes. Works a treat on black paper or darker backgrounds too.

* Paint a thick layer of gesso on your page, and while it is still wet, draw in it with the end of a paint brush. When the gesso is dry, paint over it. Makes for a really cool textured background.

 *I'm going to look up info on the "newspaper transfer idea"  for something new to try. I have been watching YouTube videos by a woman who uses gesso a lot on her pages before adding color. She lets it dry then uses water soluable pencils or other water soluable crayons and then uses a baby wipe to spread the color around. She lets it dry before adding more color. Look for Pringle Hill Studio on YouTube for great techniques.

* I think I will use my clear gesso this time. Perhaps add a bit of color with those crazy Dr. Martin liquid watercolors. If I use white, I will likely sand it a bit when it dries so the underlayers show through. I love putting down a bright base of color, over painting with a dulled-down layer, then dabbing while we're or sanding when dry so that the bright peeks through. 

*Took a class once where we used black gesso as a base then before it dried, flipped tiny bits of straight pearl ex on it from the end of a brush. An enchanted base!

*  Stacy's Art This is one of my favorite techniques to use with gesso.
* OMGosh! Stacy's Art, I LOVE that technique!!! Thank you for the link, that was so amazing! I'm definitely going to try this!

* I use white gesso when I need white to really pop off the page. It's great for blending in backgrounds making things cohesive. Also I find the black gesso to be so much more beautiful than black paint. I keep both bottles on my table at all times.

* I like to slather the gesso on the page with my palette knife, leaving ridges and super smooth areas for texture. You really need to let it dry for a while though!

* Spread some gesso on a paper plate and dip your stamps into it. Stamp on page and when it dries paint over with watercolors. It acts as a resist.
* Not sure if this has been suggested but you can do I.age transfers with gesso... just put a nice layer of the gesso down and then your image...burnish it then let dry completely. ..when dry spray with a little water and peel away...

*Boo Giannini Martin My transfer with first color. I needed to let the gesso dry a bit more
* layer of gesso, let it dry, spritz of your favorite alcohol ink, let it dry, layer of gesso in strategic areas, let it dry and watch the alcohol bleed through in really cool ways. Layer on some shiva paintstiks, and watch even more interesting things happen especially if you use the transparent iridescent paintstik.
*It's easier to do image transfers with hand sanitizer than it is with gesso. Print your image onto clear transparency sheets, apply the hand sanitizer to the print side of the image, place face down on your substrate and use a brayer to transfer the image. The hand sanitizer from sam's club that comes in the huge bottles is clear and does not cause discoloration like some of the name brand sanitizer does.

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