Monday, July 13, 2009

My First Blog

Well, it took some time but with the help of my teenage daughter, I can now post a blog! When I saw the basic grey line Lemonaide, I knew I wanted to play with their new overlays. They call them doillies, which is kind of what the solids look like. But this isn't your grandmas crocheted ones! So I grabbed my favorite one and had some fun! I wanted to make a two page spread out of one overlay, so I cut out the part "hidden" behind my photos. Once I got those scraps from page one, I added them to the corners of page two. All that was left for me to add were my favorite embelishment, buttons! What an easy layout with only three pieces of decorative paper and some cardstock to mount my pictures with. I must say I am quite pleased with myself!

Gina also whipped up a fun Lime Ricky layout using our new Mudd Puddles sand.

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