Friday, August 19, 2011

Avery's card

Meet Avery! Avery is cat #3 of 4 if you can count them from the order in which they arrived in our house. Avery has been with us for 3 years. We adopted him from BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore City. He is another one of my son Duncan's love-at-first-sight pets. Avery was only 5 weeks old when he came home with us and we had to technically foster him because he was too young to be adopted out by the shelter. He is your stereotypical cat...Avery wants attention on his terms only, he hates to be picked up and held, and only wants you when he wants something. Nevertheless, he is very sweet, and when he wants attention he rubs up against your legs or lays in front of you belly-up so you can rub his tummy. Avery also likes to flop bellu-up in front of the dog in hopes that Sawyer will rub his tummy too.

Avery's card uses 2 patterns from the Friends Furever line and uses almost the same layout I did for my black and white Demo Day card last month. I switched it up just a tiny bit by adding some die cut pieces. I hand cut a heart from one of the papers and added some raffia too. My best friend's son does not like Avery and we think it is because he has funny eyes. So to accent the eyes on my card, I used black Enamel Accents.

3 pets down...2 more to go!


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