Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Good AM to you from Gina P.
I have gotten some grief over using this line for pictures of my youngest son, but I am sure this won't be the most embarrassing thing I do to him! (He actually wore pink one year for his soccor teams uniform!) I think the colors worked perfectly with the pictures as soon as I saw this line. I've had these two lonely pictures of him sitting on my desk for some time, not sure what to do with just two random pictures from his early pre-school years.

Making my first page was easy with the formal picture from school I had to work with. I usually then make a mirror of page one to tie them together, but I had an issue with this. I like to have my base or bottom piece of paper match my first pages base, but I didn't have another piece of that solid color to work with. I didn't want to use a similar cardstock because it would not have looked even close to the "solid" from this Basic Grey line. So I took a chance and went outside my box by using another paper from that line with the same color background but it has a print to it. I know, this may seem small, but it's all about baby steps! I was happy with the finished product because finised is better than perfect! (my mantra!) I used some of the same prints from page 1 to tie them both together and "build" up my single small photo. I also used a huge overlay to add visual interest and take up some dead space on my page. Thank you Basic Grey for helping me get out of my box!